Benim Hikayem

IBC Mobile Caravan in Elbeyli, Kilis

The Mobile Caravan, which includes fun and educational activities of the International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, was welcomed with great interest especially by children in the district of Elbeyli in Kilis…
Mobile Caravan

Mobile Caravan in Elbeyli

In the caravan, which has been in Elbeyli since January, activities held that contribute to the physical and mental development of children, as well as awareness-raising, legal counseling and psychosocial support services for adults.
While IBC Mobile Caravan was considered as a source of motivation by its visitors, it brought along a social awareness throughout the district. In particular, activities aimed at strengthening social cohesion improve the dialogue positively between Syrian and local people. Game-based learning models accompanied by psychologists have also contributed to children's collaboration, empathy, sharing and helping skills.
The local people, who had difficulties in accessing activities to strengthen social life such as cultural and art based activities where education and entertainment are intertwined, gave happy feedback to the IBC Mobile Caravan team.
"You will always stay here, right?" was the question that summarized the impact of IBC Mobile Caravan in the district in the most beautiful way.
On the other hand, the families stated that the activities carried out in the presence of instructors, have contributed to the creativity and mental development of the children. The families also believe that these activities positively affected the children’s performance at school.
IBC Mobile Caravan, which will meet more participants in the coming days, will continue its journey in order to offer equal opportunities, increase awareness and ensure that visitors have a pleasant time by diversifying their activities in the back of beyond…

Where is IBC Mobile Caravan?