In cooperation with the International Blue Crescent (IBC), Penny Appeal and Yusuf Islam Foundation, based in UK, contributed fort he establishment of  seven computer classes schools in need in İpekyolu district  of Van Eastern Turkey.

Number of students in schools which established computer classess are,  Agzikara  Primary School (total 542 students), IlIkaynak Primary School (total 404 students), İpekyolu Religious Vocational High School (total 654 students), Kerim Tuncer Elementary School (total 1490 students) ,Şehit Kamil Görgülü Elementary School (732 students) Karakoç Elementary School (total 229 students) and Erçek Mehmetçik Elementary School (total 794 students). With 4,191 students aged between 4 and 14 and 654 students aged between 15 and 18, a total of 4845 students will have access to modern education technologies via the Computer Classes and will be contacted by the world over the internet. Considering that almost 95 percent of students in the city have introduced to computers for the first time, The schools were selected from the poorest regions of Van.

In the launching ceremony of computer classes organised by Ipekyolu National Education Director Şükrullah Yavuzer on 22-23 February 2018  , delegation consisting of International Blue Crescent Foundation President Recep Üker, Vice President Muzaffer Baca and Board Member Aziz Civelek represented IBC and Penny Appeal.

The first ceremony took place in Sehit Kemal Gorgulu Primary School. School Manager İrfan Öztürkçü thanked everyone, especially Yusuf Islam, for his contributions. Reminding him that the previous Computer Class was destroyed by transformer fire and it was already out of date, Öztürkçü added that the contribution of Penny Appeal would increase the education capacity of school.

Van İpekyolu District Director of National Education, Şükrullah Yavuzer said that despite the fact that this school and the other six schools where the donations were made had compter teachers, there were not laboratory and thanks to the established technology classes, all the students now have this opportunity.

Information Technologies Class Teacher Kadir İren explained the difficulties of describing information technologies in a non-computer class that students had a great happiness and thanked them on behalf of their students.

The moment was marvel to beyond that Parents of hearing impaired students Islam Ateş and Meryem Yolcu a small girl of same age  met with the computer for first time.

The second ceremony was held at the Kemal Tuncer Primary School in the region, which could not be entered due to terror until a few months ago. The students had never introduced to computer in there. There were only three students who have computer in their houses.

Speaches of Rabia Bagcı from Ankara Polatlı province, who was appointed last year as the teacher of Information Technologies, which made us the most emotional.

Young teacher stated;

-These kids did not see the computer until a few months ago. There was no point in bringing my own computer and trying to lecture them. There are not even mobile phones in the families there. Computer and Sports lessons are their favaorite lessons of them. I am grateful to everyone who contributed and for giving me the opportunity to transfer know-how to my students

It was indeed. Very young teacher’s everywhere from Turkey who came for transferring their knowledge was only able to made verbal lessons.Now they will have modern tecnology services.

On the second day, the first visit was to Van Merkez Anadolu Imam Hatip Lycee which is the school of raised Muhammad Sizcan who is champion hafız and words in the worldwide competiton last year.

They will use the technology class for Robotics training. They know Yusuf Islam very well and thank him for the training given to muslim students by him with the cooperation with , Penny Appeal and International Blue Crescent Foundation.

Our second stop was Erçek, which is now covered with snow. Mountains and surroundings are one of the major depressed districts in the Van earthquake. As the International Blue Crescent Foundation, we have implemented large-scale projects after the earthquake for the villagers to survive them and make their lives sustainable. This time with the support of Penny Appeal and Yusuf Islam , it was a different feeling to be here to open up the technology class.

Emrullah Shirazi was the student who surprised us the most in the school.He came top of the provience among one hundred thousand students on the test. He also won the scholarship test.His dream is to sign up for Galatasaray College in Istanbul. He is sure he will do it on the exam in June.

There is now a class of Information Technologies and the disadvantage of the race is also solved.

Rasul is the only student in the class who has a computer. Rabia has not seen any computers until the class was set up.

Information Technology Teacher Tarik Çataltepe very pleased that  as Emrullah ,other students may now also  join the race in Turkey ,thanks to the technology

The last stop was the village of Ağzıkara Primary School which is one of the most far away from the city. Perhaps this kind of school was the school that needed the most. The costumes of the students and the troubles experienced in the village were evident in any case. But education was everything, and they realized that only through education will their children have a good future to be saved.

Some of the students from close villages were coming here as well by transport.The Computing Technologies class was like setting foot in the sky for them. It was the trending topic for them and around.

Van İpekyolu District Director of National Education Şükrullah Yavuzer introduced Yusuf Islam, who provided this opportunity to them.IBC Chairman Recep Üker said that the support will continue and that our goal is to bring the quality of education there to the same level with the other regions. We left Ağzıkara to promise as a foundation, not only to bring the computer but also building of libraries. Successful students will be supported also

Ilıkanak and Karakoç villagers were indignant because we could not go there.


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